Rajoli Banda Diversion Scheme is an interstate project of Karnataka and Telangana states consisting of an anicut built across Tungabhadra river lies in Raichur district, Karnataka state. The scheme was sanctioned during the erstwhile Nizam state. The construction of anicut was started in 1946 A.D and completed by 1958 A.D. The Water supplied to 143 Km long RDS canal to benefit drought area of 15 villages in Manvi taluk of Karnataka state, and 8 villages in Gadwal taluk, 67 villages of Alampur taluk in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana state and 4 villages in Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh State.

Salient Features
Latitude : 15° 57' 0″ N
Longitude : 77° 11' 0″ E
Ayacut : 87500 Acres
Catchment area : 61427 sq.Km
Utilization : 15.9 TMC (Telangana)
Crest Level : 1090 ft
Maximum Flood Discharge : 21687.61 cumecs
Length of Spillway/Weir : 820.12m
LF Canal Regulation details
Sill level : 1082 ft
Discharge : 850 cusecs
Ayacut : 87500 Acres
Canal Length : 143 Km
RF Canal Regulation details : There is no right side flowing canal for RDS
No. villages benifited : 75
Mandals benifited : leeja, Waddepally, manopad, Itikyala, Alampur