Wyra Reservoir is a medium irrigation project constructed across the Wyra River, a tributory of Krishna River. The reservoir is located next to the Wyra town, Khammam District, Telangana. It is one of the tourist attractions in Khammam district. This Wyra reservoir was constructed in 1930, and was inaugurated by Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan former President of India. It provides drinking water to eight mandalas around Wyra. Hundreds of hectares of land is cultivated using water from Wyra reservoir. It is also well known for its good fishing and the green hills around it. The project provides water to 17,391 acres for irrigation.

Salient Features
LOCATION: : The Project has been constructed on Wyra Reservoir near Wyra(V), Wyra(M),Khammam(D)
Latitude : 17-11'-4''
Longitude : 80-20'-30''
Catchment Area : 367.78 SqKm
Year of Construction : 1930
Ayacut : 17390 Acres
Catchments area : 70966 Sq.Km
Gross, capacity @ FRL : 2476 MCFT
Live Capacity : 2099 MCFT
No of Sluices : 2 Nos
No of Weirs : 4 Nos
Total Length of Weirs : 40244 Meters
Sill level of Sluices : +90.900
Full Reservoir Level : +95.885 (18'3'' above Sill level)
Maximum water level : +97.620 (24' above Sill level)
Top of bund level : +99.145
Designed maximum flood discharge : 60.140 Cusecs
Allocation of water As Per KWDT : 3.7 TMC (Evap losses :0.8 T.M.C,0.108-for drinking water at 9 MCFT/6 Acres/MCFT)